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- Becky Szeto

Living in Block20 has been a amazing experience. I love it here so much and been living here for three years now. I renewed my lease for next year already for my upcoming fourth year. There is everything you need here especially my own personal bathroom in my bedroom with a large walk in closet to fit all of my things. There is a spacious kitchen and living room, washing machine, dryer, and central air. In the clubhouse there is available printing(just provide your own paper), study rooms, and computers. What I love the best is the package room knowing that your packages are there in a safe place whenever you are available to pick it up anytime. Love it here, would recommend to a friend!! 🙂

- Andychangftw

10 months ago
Having lived here for two years, I just want to thank Josh and his staff for treating me like family! Don’t listen to the haters, this truly is an amazing place to live. I loved my apartment (this was even nicer than the high rise I had in Miami), the amenities, and the service.

Whenever I submitted a maintenance request, a service tech had the issue fixed within 24 hours or less. I also really enjoyed the pre-COVID BBQs, Waffle Wednesdays, and special occasions gatherings.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that was given to me here and I highly recommend Block20 to anyone who is looking for a high-quality, carpeted apartment with excellent features. Cheers!

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